The Office of Property Maintenance works to prevent blighting conditions, and unsightly and unsanitary conditions in residential and commercial properties in the Town of Secaucus. We also work to ensure proper maintenance of vacant and abandoned properties. The majority of our regulations can be found in Municipal Code Chapter 104, Property Maintenance.

Ways to Avoid Common Violations


  • Trash & Recycling should be put out on the curb after 6:00pm the evening before your scheduled pick up.
  • All trash and recycling must be secured in approved receptacles for collection. Loose debris and garbage should not be put out.
  • Do not allow garbage and debris to accumulate on your property. 
  • If your regular garbage is collected on Monday and Thursday, your recycling collection day is Thursday. If your garbage is collected on Tuesday and Friday, your recycling collection day is Tuesday.


High Grass, Weeds, and Overgrown Vegetation

  • Maintain all grass and vegetation at a reasonable height to avoid creating a blighting, unsanitary condition. 
  • If you have a brush, hedge or other plant life growing within ten (10) feet of any roadway and twenty-five (25) feet of the intersection of two roadways keep it trimmed to a height of no more than two and one-half (21/2) feet.  (Municipal Code Chapter 71A-1). 


Wildlife Feeding

  • If you use a bird feeder as allowed by Municipal Code Chapter 104-11(D), make sure to clean up spilt seed and never scatter seed on the ground. 
  • Never leave or store any food product that would attract any wildlife or wild animal.



  • Unused swimming pools should be drained and properly covered to prevent water accumulation. If there is an abandoned swimming pool in your neighborhood, please contact our office. 



  • Snow & ice must be removed from sidewalks 24 hours after snowfall.  
  • In residential areas, the passageway must be at least 24 inches wide, and in business districts, the passageway must be at least 42 inches wide.
  • Never throw, shovel, or push any snow or ice on to cleaned streets. This creates very hazardous conditions.


If you have any questions about property maintenance, or would like to file a complaint, please contact our office at 201-330-2031, or . Please note that while our complaints are confidential, government emails are public documents subject to OPRA regulations.    


To register a foreclosure or vacant property (or to file a citizen complaint regarding a property issue), please visit  Any questions with respect to registration requirements, registration status, etc. should be directed to .