The New Jersey Department of Transportation has reviewed the current traffic pattern and residual delays caused by the Paterson Plank Road bridge rehabilitation project over Route 3.


Based off of the Town’s recommendation, NJDOT has approved the installation of a temporary traffic signal at the intersection of Radio Avenue and the Maple Street Ramp.  The installation however, will not be serviceable until mid-November 2019.

In the meantime, the NJDOT will be changing the current traffic pattern along Paterson Plank Road.  This change will take effect on or about September 3, 2019.

The current ramp leading to Paterson Plank Road, which consists of two same direction lanes, will be changed to two opposing travel lanes.

Motorists traveling south on Paterson Plank Road coming out of the North End, will have a dedicated left turn lane ahead of the intersection with Maple Street.  In addition, there will be and advanced left green arrow to turn onto the ramp headed towards Route 3 west.

The current left turn onto Route 3 west will be closed.  As such, motorists that typically exit Radio Avenue onto the ramp will no long be allowed to enter Route 3 west from that outlet.  Rather, they must use Paterson Plank Road to access Route 3 west.

Lastly, the current bus stop located on Paterson Plank Road at Maple Street will be re-located to Born Street.

These changes are only temporary until the traffic signal at Radio Avenue is installed.

See the attached diagram that illustrates the changes on or about September 3, 2019.

Map Street Change